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No other beverage can quench your thirst and make you feel refreshed inside and out like a smoothie. Have a sip of your favorite fruit smoothie blend with the Shake 'n Take Smoothie Maker. You'll get a delicious drink in no time, with no transferring needed, so you won't have to mop up any spills or clean up after. All you need to do is to shake your drink and go.

Outstanding Favorite:
What separates the Shake 'n Take Smoothie Maker from other blenders is the fact that it's so easy to use. Simply put your fruit or vegetable slices into its jug and add water, milk, or yogurt. Then, close its lid, and press the "on" button.

The strong motor on the Shake 'n Take Smoothie Maker will power its stainless steel blades that are attached to the bottom of the bottle. In just a few seconds, you can get a beverage that's smooth, delicious, and nutritious.

Another thing that separates the Shake 'n Take Smoothie Maker from other blenders is that its 16-ounce bottle is designed with a flip-top straw on its lid. So, you can drink your shake directly from the blender jug. It's made with a heavy-duty plastic housing that will stand the test of time. Its ultra-compact base makes it easy to fit into your car cup-holders or your backpack's side pockets. So, you can drink your smoothie wherever you go.

Kitchen Improvement Made Easy:
Your home kitchen is the area that provides you and your family with sustenance that's why it's important to transform it into a beautiful, fully-functioning area of nourishment.