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Hi-Tech Wireless Power Bank Charger


Hi-Tech Wireless Power Bank Charger is the best portable wireless charging station specifically designed for your phone. Simply put your phone on the top and it will soon recognize it and start charging immediately. With large capacity and high charging speed and allows you to charge your phone easily and efficiently.

    Majority of phones require an adapter or case to be attached in order to support Qi charging.

    Qi Receiver is the universal standard for wirelessly battery operated devices such as cell phones and cameras. Specifically, it means being able to perform wireless charging over distance of 4 cm. It's super slim and stunning receiver chip fits seamlessly inside any cover and without adding any unnecessary bulk. It’s feather light! After you tuck it under your iPhone you will totally forget it’s there, just put it under your phone and and you won't even feel it's there and it will soon recognize it and start charging.

    Hi-Tech Wireless Power Bank Charger is light, durable and can be carried easily to anywhere you want. No matter you are travelling, working the office, meeting friends in a coffee shop or just staying at home.

    Hi-Tech Wireless Power Bank Charger is always your best assistant to charge all your electronic devices. Just simply put it in your bag and use it  freely whenever and wherever you want. Get it today and enjoy a safe, efficient and convenient charging experience.

    Wireless Output: 5W 1000Ma

    Charging Frequency: 100-200KHZ
    Wireless Distance: 3-8mm
    Efficiency: more than 75%
    Product size: 74*133*19mm
    Product weight: 166.5g
    Capacity: 10000mAh
    Sphere of application: Applies for all products of QI
    Variants: White, Black, Gray

    Input: DC 5V/2.1A USB Output:DC 5V/2.1A Wireless
    Output: DC 5V/1.0A Wireless receiving:DC 5V/750mA  

    IMPORTANT: Free adaptor for old model cellphone

    Package list:
    Wireless Charger + USB Cable + Instructions + Free Coil Adaptor for Old Model Phones