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Haircut Adventure is a unique individual—the only one of their kind.

Get the perfect trim time after time with self-sharpening steel blades that are as sharp after 3 years as on day 1.

A complete kit for home hair cutting & trimming with everything you need to achieve the style you want, including powerful, long-lasting, rechargeable battery and self-sharpening steel blades that stay sharp longer and are removable for easy cleaning.

This BX-Trimmer has everything you need to cut the family's hair in the comfort of your own home, effortlessly and with complete confidence.

Look for hard-line parts with a purpose using our BX-Trimmer.  It will help you emphasize the side part trend by creating dapper looks and your little dude will look great in.

2018 Snip-its Kids' Hair Trends2018 Snip-its Kids' Hair Trends

Style with BX-Trimmer to keep this look fresh all day.

The titanium blades are harder than steel for ultimate durability, the ceramic blades won’t overheat on you.


🔥 Low noise, cordless
🔥 5 adjustment lengths: 0.8-2mm
🔥 Adjustable electric trimmer, powerful motor, superior performance to cut all hair types
🔥 Made by ceramic and titanium cutting head, much sharper and durable
🔥 R obtuse angle design which will not hurt your skin
🔥 The blade can be removed to wash
🔥 High capacity rechargeable NI-MH battery
🔥 Can be used on both wet and dry hair


🔥 Rotation Speed: 6200±200rpm
🔥 Charging time: 3 Hours
🔥 Input: 220V 50Hz
🔥 Output: DC3V 800mA
🔥 Power: 12W
🔥 Product Size: 17*4.4*3.8cm
🔥 Material: Ceramic, titanium, copper and plastic


BX-Trimmer makes you convenient for self hair cutting and safe for wet hair cutting. R-shaped obtuse angle blade protects yourself from accidental injury, suitable for both adults and children to use safely.